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The Plight of Our Young Black Men

A new study details a shocking fact: By age 23, half of young black men will have been arrested. Even if you know that African Americans are arrested at a greater rate than their white counterparts, it’s still a shock to see the scale of the disparity. To wit, according to a new study published in the Journal of Crime & Delinquency, nearly 50 percent of all black males have been arrested by the age of 23. Overall, 30 percent of black men have been arrested by age 18, and those numbers jump—respectively—to 49 percent, 44 percent, and 38 percent after five years.

We believe all young men can empower themselves

physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Our Mission

To offer self empowerment experience to young men between the age of 18-25 within our communities that promote positive attitudes and behaviors, empowering them to empower themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Our Mission

Our Founder

Bernadette (Diggs) Anderson, was born in St. Louis, Missouri. In her early teens her family moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She attended Rufus King High School. After graduating she went to Milwaukee Business Training Institute (MBTI) and received a degree in Secretarial Methods.


Later Ms. Anderson went to Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) for Computers and Financial Accounting. She received her Associates in Business Management from Cardinal Stritch University. She also received her Bachelor in Human Services, and Masters in Business Science from Cardinal Stritch University. Ms. Anderson is married with (4) four children and added to the family are (13) thirteen grandchildren.

Ms. Anderson is well grounded and rooted in the Milwaukee community and is keenly aware of the need of the most vulnerable populations. The ills of the African-American males are a deep rooted passion and reason for the season of The House of Kings and Priests. Ms. Anderson has many years of training and experience in non-profit operations working with various diverse populations. Her passion for working with young men was first fueled by her fifteen and a half year tenure with Opportunities Industrialization Center of Greater Milwaukee (OIC-GM). While employed at OIC-GM she had the opportunity to talk with some of the young men who came in to get their GED. Ms. Anderson realized after testing them that they were very intelligent and there was so much more to be offered to the young men to get them off of the streets.


She wrote a poem entitled “Black Men Arise” informing African-American young men how important and valuable they are. This inspired Ms. Anderson to think about starting her own business. From that point on the quest to reach the young men began.


Although, Ms. Anderson was not able to launch her business idea at that time, her work for the next fifteen years and three (3) years of business training laid the ground work for opening the doors of The House of Kings and Priests. The business training prepared Ms. Anderson for the business side and five (5) years at New Concept prepared her for the up close work with the young men. In addition to holding the position of Assistant Chief Financial Officer, it was the Job Coach position in the Father’s Resource Center that gave her the greatest satisfaction.


Ms. Anderson is well able to take on the challenges of serving young African-American males in our community. She is certified as an Anger Management Facilitator for adolescents and adults, a Licensed Minister through Believers In Christ Ministries, and Youth/Family Counselor for the First Time Juvenile Offenders Program (FTJOP).


In 2004 Ms. Anderson officially became the CEO/Founder of the 501c 3 non-profit organization now known as The House of Kings and Priests, Inc. The mission of the organization is “to offer self empowerment experience to young men between the age of 18-25 within the communities that promote positive attitudes and behaviors by empowering them to empower themselves-physically, emotionally and spiritually.”


In 2009, the need to house young men who were aging out of foster care and homeless emerged as a major need in Milwaukee central city and in the board room of The House of Kings and Priests. Addressing this need created yet another dimension for the work ahead for The House of Kings of Priests.


In March of 2012 The House of Kings and Priests was donated a house that has become a transitional home for young men aging out of foster care and those who are experiencing homelessness.


The Journey BEGINS!!!!!

We Need Your Support Today!

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